Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Expressions and Memories of the World in Which He Lived

Though Bill L. Hill was born and reared in the western environment he paints, his talent took him far beyond the "cowboy artist" genre. His "Full Spectrum Painting" coupled with a strong impressionistic style suitably rises to the magnitude of the western theme.

More than sixty years of devotion and drive toward excellence in his art may explain, in part, what one finds in his work. The light, color, energy, and spirit lifts, brightens, and sparks happily the human soul.

One should not wonder that Bill's art is filled with the sacred, the profane, the unusual, the common, the tragic, and the humorous. He is always reverent, creating a sense of delight in humanity and nature. Power, passion, and purpose leap from his canvases and speak to the heart and mind and quickens one's nostalgia for things of the past.

Inspired by work, play, fatigue, sympathy, and pain, Hill's explosion of colors creates and imaginative panoramic view of the western epic.

We are pleased to present the kaleidoscopic western images of Bill L. Hill. Collecting these museum quality limited edition prints will be both exciting and profitable.

Indian Head Pen and Ink Studies Available in Sets or Individually

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Welcome to the Bill L. Hill Art site, where you can see the works of the great western impressionist Bill L. Hill. We are currently offering a limited-edition print series signed by the artist as well as giclee prints from his 2002 Olympics series.

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Here is a sample of his work:

Invitation, limited supply, contact site for details and pricing for this print.

Cool, Blue, Summer Rain

Image Size 16" X 20". Artist Print available.


Image Size 18" X 30 1/2". Artist Print available.

Looking For Shelter

Image Size 19 1/2" X 29 1/2". Artist Print available.

Waterboy I

Image Size 18" X 25". Artist Print available.